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Buyers of property in the north join US lawsuit

THREE WOMEN who paid for but never received villas in the north of Cyprus are joining the Greek Cypriot refugee’s class action suit filed by Washington DC based firm Tsimpedes Law.

The lawsuit was initially filed on behalf of Mihalis Toumazou, Nicolas Kantzilaris and Maroula Toumpazou and is seeking compensation from the ‘TRNC’, and from Turkey, for the denial of access to and enjoyment of land and property held in the north.

Athan Tsimpedes the lawyer handling the case is suing on the grounds that the ‘TRNC’ would most accurately be classified in the US as an organised crime outfit under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act (RICO).

This would allow the three women Sandra Kocinski, Pat Clarke and Suz Latchford to sue in the same way as the Greek Cypriot litigants.

A statement released by the women, which was published in the north’s ‘Cyprus Today’ newspaper said: “It has become more and more apparent as time goes on that there is no enforceable legal system in North Cyprus”.

They had already gone through the Turkish Cypriot courts.

“After gathering a huge amount of evidence and also exhausting every single avenue in their search for a solution, ABAG will join the USA in legal action against Turkey and the TRNC,” the statement said. ABAG stands for the Aga Buyers Action Group, which has been trying to secure compensation for the non-delivery of the homes they had paid for.

Tsimpedes said that the ‘TRNC’ is required to respond to the case filed against them next month after the failure of an attempt by them to delay legal proceedings.

The three women bought and paid for villas from Gary Robb, who was deported from the north last year and remains in custody in the UK where he is facing drugs charges





Buyers of property in the north join US lawsuit  

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